Linder the Dwarf

Gold miner


Linder is a dwarf, uncle to Orin, who works a gold mine in the Deep Forest. The mine is located near one of the “lost manors” in the Deep Forest. There are many such manors that dot the Ashford Valley, noble houses that have fallen to the tread of time and have been abandoned.

The manor, of fine dwarven construction, was originally occupied by an unknown human lord and his retinue during the early years of human habitation in the Ashford Valley, about 300 years ago, but was deserted by the end of the first century. Who occupied the manor in the intervening 200 years is open to speculation, but Linder stumbled upon the manor and mine about 10 years ago and proceeded to claim the property for his own, repairing the manor and expanding the mine. In the process, he found a rich vein of gold.

Recently, a group of adventurers that included his nephew Orin, wizard Jim Baggins, warrior Quinn and elf Giles Corey stumbled upon the manor and aided Linder in defending his land from the bandit chief Curran and his band of “Local Boys” and humanoid allies.

After a brief siege and extended skirmish, Curran‘s bandits were defeated and fled. Linder now shares the land with a small group of human farmers who had been taken captive by the bandits, trading solitude in the Deep Forest for the safety of numbers and a chance to grow the manor back to it’s former glory.

Linder the Dwarf

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