The valemen follow the standard gods of the Realm. There are three main gods, Angwish the Just (god of the Sun and magic), Lamiel the Crafty (god of knowledge and trickery), and Lucky Tor (goddess of war and luck), as well as several minor ones, including St. Nobian (minor diety of protection and healing) and St. Uriens (minor diety of travel and chaos). A forbidden deity, Azrael the Evil One (demon–god of darkness and death), is also worshiped, but in secret.

Angwish of the Sun:

Angwish is the father of the gods (except for Azrael, who is his brother). His symbol is the Sun and he is the patron of magic, farmers and hunters, and his followers are known as light–bringers. Torches and lanterns are also used as his symbols, but seldom. As the head of the gods, his priests can get kinda conceited. His dread enemy is Azrael, the Evil One.

Azrael the Evil One:

Azrael is the brother to Angwish. Originally a good god, Azrael tried to kill the other gods. Angwish banished him and in the mythology, he became the leader of the demons and is half–demon/half–god through corrupting rites. His symbol is a flaming skull, for he is a god of death and darkness. His followers are hidden in the Realm, as being a member is punishable by death. However, his followers make pacts with dark forces for power and hide behind smiling faces in the daylight. Azrael wants his followers to corrupt his brother’s followers rather than kill them (but killing is OK, too), for by destroying Angwish’s church does he gain in power.

Lamiel the Crafty:

Lamiel is the god of knowledge and trickery. His father is Angwish and his sister is Tor. His symbol is a book, but equally it is a white fox. He is the patron of scholars and sages, thieves and smiths, and performers.

Lucky Tor:

Tor is the goddess of war and luck. She is the patron of warriors and gamblers, both who take their lives in their hands when trying the odds. Her symbols are the longsword and/or a pair of dice. Many shrines exist to this fickle goddess, and most fighters roll a set of dice before each fight, in an effort to gain her attention. Dangerous as well as beautiful, she can lead men to great heights, and just as well crash them down. Her celestial messengers collect the honored dead to bring to paradise.

The Saints:

Each of the major gods has a few helpers, in the form of saints. Two popular within the Ashford Valley are St. Nobian and St. Uriens. St. Nobian is the patron of healers and guards and is a saint of Lucky Tor. His followers help those in need as a tenet of their faith. Many choose the adventuring lifestyle, providing comfort to the afflicted and chastisement to wrong–doers.

St. Uriens is a saint of Lamiel. His focus is on travel and chaos. With travel comes knowledge and also major change, in terms of places, people and learning. Uriens chaotically dances on the head of a pin above the abyss of evil but for some reason, Lamiel supports him. The followers of St. Uriens are often wanderers, never staying in the same place for very long. In fact, they can’t put down roots as it would violate their teachings.

Temples and Holy Days:

Each of the towns in the valley has a temple to each of the major gods and smaller shrines to the saints. Azrael’s temples are well hidden, and yes, there is at least one in each town (though most only suspect Sooton as having one). Many simple shrines are located across the vale itself, near the runestones that dot the country–side. Most of these shrines are to all the gods.

Each of the gods usually have 10 holy days a year (the number 10 is holy in this pantheon), with the exception of Azrael, who only has 3 yearly (and, yes,the number 3 is unholy or at least unlucky). Holy days result in festivities, including burnt sacrifices (typically produce and grains or livestock for the main gods but blood sacrifice for the Evil One), special rules to follow during the holy days or the days before, merriment or contrition, and more.


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