Healers come in many shapes and sizes in the valley. Some are priests but many are just normal people who want to help others. They usually wear green robes to signify their status, even the priests of the different gods. Some live a mostly monastic lifestyle and travel the roads, staying within the communities they encounter until their help is no longer needed. Most people, and this includes the humanoid tribes, do not attack healers, as they usually will help anyone. However, the more criminal element (or even those same humanoid tribes) will have no problem holding a healer prisoner for a time. Healers are trained by apprenticeship, and spend the rest of their lives learning from other healers. Their dedication to their art has improved it greatly and while some are non–violent, most healers will defend themselves or the communities they serve.

Healers in terms of the MicrOSR20 rules:

Healers that are not priests are normal men (or demi-human or humanoid, as appropriate). They are able to use herbs, non–magical potions and poultices to create the same effect as various cleric spells, like cure light wounds. However, they are not instantaneous, instead taking several minutes to hours to take effect. Healers are all proficient in first aid.


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