Slang from the various towns and locations around the Ashford Valley


  • Eski –one of the chosen ones, an elite; someone up–and–coming; alternatively, an insult to a lower class person. “Yeah, right, Eski.”
  • Bolt of Cloth in a Outhouse, Bolt of Cloth –something of value found unexpectedly in a strange, especially bad, place. “Finding that gem in that orc’s pocket was a bolt of cloth.”
  • Azov –a skilled worker or merchant. “He’s an Azov blacksmith.”
  • Deb –a rich person, often stupid and lazy (but sometimes happy). “He thinks he’s tough but he’s just a Deb.” “I want to be Deby!”


  • Direct Way –shove off, get lost, FOAD; thrown off the top of the High Cliffs. “Why are you bother me? To the Direct Way with you.” “Those associates of his showed him down the Direct Way.”
  • Madhir –bastard, cheater, literally rocks sliding (or falling) off the High Cliff under your feet, can be friendly but often not. “You damned Madhir! This game’s rigged!”
  • Clifton foot –unit of measure, approximately a yard, or something big. “He’s got a Clifton foot of an idea!” “That dragon was a Clifton foot long!”
  • Group of springs –something extra when one will do,something useless. “I got hired to guard this place, but I’m nothing but a group of springs with the watch around.” “She ordered a group of springs.”


  • Elfstar –a faker, a fake elf; a pretentious person. “Yeah, we’d have gotten the job except for Efstar here.”
  • Hyuk –a brain–dead hill–billy; someone who lives up in the Rolling Hils but is a complete idiot, often with the idea there is some major inbreeding somewhere in the family history. “Him and his Hyuk family live up past the Ashford River headwaters.”
  • Bap –a broken tool, a well–used tool; nostalgia toward an earlier time. “Whatever you do, don’t get him talking about his childhood Bap!
  • Rock Nose, Rock Nosed –someone who is lucky or skilled at finding ore, usually applied to dwarves; a subtle insult to the size of someone’s nose (since dwarves usually have very large noses); something found. “He rock nosed a fine vein of gold but he won’t tell us where it is!”


  • Gentleman Caller –a thief, a successful thief. “He’s quite the Gentleman Caller.” “Sadly, they were visited last night by a Gentleman Caller.”
  • Falls –a mark, a victim, literally named after the water fall below Sooton. “There are two ways this’ll play out, Falls, neither of which you’ll like.” “Yeah, they were all Falls and I took them for all they were worth.”
  • Zavlakas, Black Leaf –to die, to be killed (especially poisoned); to meet the dead. Named after a thief named Zavlakas (literally “Black Leaf”). “Did you hear about Robert? Yea, he met Black Leaf last week.”
  • Fig Jam –someone who talks about themselves; personal troubles. “No one is interested in your Fig Jam today.” “Don’t sell your Fig Jam here.”
  • Coal King –a brute, a thug; muscle. “Bring along your Coal King, if you mean to Par Par the lot.”
  • Par (par par) –kill someone (then kill their family, their friends, their neighbors, etc). “He’s gonna Par you.” “Staf’s gone. His little social club, too– Par Par Par.”


  • Like a cow to an empty shirt –someone incompetent but who think they’re doing a good job. “Sir Dagonet became the lord of Sooton like a cow to an empty shirt.”
  • T’az –a contraction of “To Azrael,” demon–god of evil, equivalently “To hell.” Said in opposition to a question, with vigor. “Are you going to Clifton today?” “ T’az , no! Why should I?”
  • Half–Cut –a drunk; someone who has drunk so much they can’t do proper work. “Kerr was half–cut the other night.”
  • Lil’ Ashford –a townie, someone from Ashford town (or any town for that matter). “Hey, did you meet Lil’ Ashford here?”
  • Zandar -a fictional plant, possession of which will bring wealth, success and a beautiful wife (or husband); ludicrous opinions or behaviors are possible or even logical. “I think the miller’s daughter likes me.” “Only if you found the Zandar.”


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