The stable human population of the vale is small, with about 6500 in the towns and hamlets and another 9900 or so spread out in smaller holdings and individual farms. Additionally, lowlander merchants, traders and other travelers number about another 3500. The demi–human and humanoid populations are assumed to be less, as no one really knows how many of them are out there. The standard term for a person living in Ashford Valley is valesman, whether male or female. All others are referred to as lowlanders (with somewhat a disparaging tone).

The typical valesman is a farmer, tending a plot of land, proud of his heritage and place in society. He is honest, gruff and has no time for nonsense. He is a good neighbor, helping those less fortunate in his community, but shrewd, not easily trusting of strangers.

Lowlanders who move to the vale are not considered locals until three generations (at least) of their family is in the ground.


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